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Dissertation Dmitry Ramanenka

Published: 13 June 2018

On 13 June 2018, Dmitry Ramanenka made his Thesis Defense in the subject Solid Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology.

The thesis is entitled "An Approach for Evaluation of Brick Lining's Mechanical State in Rotary Kilns."

The faculty opponent was Professor Professor Per Gradin, Mid University, Sundsvall

The work is focused on the rotary-kilns at LKAB and theirs functionalities and robustness. Rotary-kilns are large cylindrical constructions, measuring up to 7.5×40 m. The cylinder is made of steel and because of the high temperatures it has an insulating lining consisting of bricks. The bricks are exposed to very tough conditions: high temperatures, temperature variations, chemical degradation, wear, load oscillation (rotation of the kiln in combination with the weight of the brick layer itself and the load of pellets) and more. Commonly, high-alumina brick are used for this application. Failure of the brick lining is common - leading to very costly production stops.

To study the rotary-kiln in detail, numerical modelling and simulations are used. The idea is to work both on a global and a local level to. The main purpose of this work is to create numerical models to predict the influence of mechanical and thermo-mechanical effects (direct or indirect) on the lining. With the increased knowledge can e.g. management of the kiln be improved (e.g. heating procedure), different material choice or geometry be suggested. In the end, life of the brick lining could be increased.