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EU project HERMES

Published: 24 February 2015

Division of Materials and Solid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics at LTU, Kiruna Wagon and SSAB develops future bulk transport in the EU project HERMES - Development of smart and flexible wagons and facilities for improved transport of granular multimaterials

Europe's next generation of bulk trailers to be developed in an international project that is part of the EU's major investment in a competitive European industry, Horizon 2020, MOBILITY FOR GROWTH. From Sweden is also involved Kiruna Wagon AB and SSAB.

The goal of the project, which will be performed, conducted as collaboration between nine European companies and organizations, is to create the most modern logistics system to the Spanish producer of salt Iberpotash and thus set a new standard in European bulk logistics.

Wagon development is the hub of the project, which includes the optimization of the entire logistics chain - from SSAB high strength steel in the future of the bulk wagons to Luleå University of investigative work for increased productivity and reduced wear during loading and unloading of bulk materials.

Kiruna Wagons basket turning technology solution Turn Dumper is the basis for the new transportation solution that in the future may pose to be a new standard in European transport in bulk materials.

- The project is unique in that it combines industrial expertise in the design, construction, materials and logistics research into advanced modeling, dimensioning, fatigue and abrasion to find innovative solutions, says Pär Jonsén, Associate professor at Luleå University.

EU framework program for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, has three priorities: excellence, industrial leadership and societal challenges. The priority industrial leadership is a strong focus on innovation in small and medium enterprises.

- We believe that this investment is totally the way to go to lift the bulk industries of the EU to the same high productivity and safety that characterize our Swedish mining company, and from there to the next level. We have supplied trailers for both LKAB and Boliden and that we now have this role in a European project confirms both Kiruna Wagons and the region's leading position in the heavy rail transport, says Fredrik Kangas, CEO of Kiruna Wagon.

In addition to the wagon design work Kiruna Wagon also actively to the future of heavy bulk transport will be implemented with long trains and high axle loads. This principle has benefits for both productivity and the environment and is used today in a very successful way of LKAB, running 750 meters long ore trains with 30 tons axle loads.


Pär Jonsén

Associate Professor

Division of Mechanics of Solid Materials,

Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics,

Luleå University of Technology                           

Phone: 0920-49 34 60, 0706-82 91 60