Licentiate presentation in Solid Mechanics

Published: 19 June 2017

Lluis Perez presented his licentiate thesis in Solid Mechanics on June 16, 2017. The title of the thesis is "Modelling of Forming and Welding in Alloy 718".

In this thesis, a manufacturing process chain including forming and welding in the nickelbased superalloy 718 is studied. The main focus in the work lies on determining the thermomechanical properties, modelling and simulation of cold forming, study forming limits based on Nakazima tests for forming limit curves (FLC) and applying a damage and failure criterion. The work also comprises a brief study on hot forming. Finally, modelling of a subsequent welding procedure is included where residual stresses from the forming simulation are used to predict shape distortions due to the welding procedure. The results are compared with experimental observations.

Doctoral student: Lluis Perez

Supervisor: Mats Oldenburg
Deputy supervisor: Eva-lis Odenberger