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Licentiate Seminar in Solid Mechanics – Andreas Svanberg

Published: 18 June 2021

On June 4, 2021, Andreas Svanberg presented his licentiate thesis on the subject of Solid Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology. The thesis is entitled "Full-Scale Modeling and Simulation of Bucket Filling and Wear for Mining Rope Shovels".

Rope shovels bucket loaders and other heavy mining equipment used for loading fragmented rocks to extract minerals from the earth are used for almost every open pit mine. The optimization of the loading process is of enormous value due to the extremely large amount of material turn over. In this work, a full-scale numerical digital twin model of a rope shovels bucket loader was developed for sub-arctic conditions. Calibration of the numerical model for the granular material was performed via a new and unique experimental full-scale approach of analysing waste rock pile angles. In addition, a wear model was developed to calculate wear at industrial scale.

The whole loading process was studied and the influence of several loading variables are evaluated. Furthermore, the wear development of the rope shovel loading process was numerically simulated. The bucket loading process was simulated for several conditions, and the wear was calculated with the calibrated wear model. From the full-scale validation, it was shown that the simulated results of filling rate and wear are in excellent agreement with the experimental results. The digital twin can be utilized to optimise loading and wear performance. One major conclusion from the work is that the presented digital twin is a suitable tool for product development of loaders and buckets, but also for optimization of the loading process.

Opponent: Dr. Johannes Quist, Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre, Gothenburg

Supervisor: Pär Jonsén

Assistant Supervisor: Simon Larsson, Rikard Mäki

Project: HARSHWORK, Project Agreement No. 17152, KIC RawMaterials


Andreas Svanberg, Externally employed doctoral student, PhD student, external position

Organisation: Solid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Pär Jonsén

Pär Jonsén, Professor and Head of Subject, Head of Division

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Organisation: Solid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics