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The seventh CHS2 conference on hot forming was a success

Published: 19 June 2019

The leading international conference on hot forming of high-strength steel and other high-performance materials, CHS2 – 2019, was conducted for the seventh time and was much appreciated. Researchers and experts from all over the world came to Luleå and Kulturens hus for the scientific exchange and the chance to build networks.

– The conference was greatly appreciated. The visitors liked the environment in Kulturens hus, the interesting exhibitions, the boat trip, the conference banquet and, not least, the sessions. All participants I talked to planned to visit the next conference in two years. A big thanks to our PhD-students and undergraduate students who ensured that the event worked to 100 percent, says Professor Mats Oldenburg, host of the conference.

A recurring theme at the conference was about processes and new high-performance materials that will meet future challenges with regard to climate and safety.

– The electrification of the transport sector means, for example, that we have to find new technologies and materials for the installation and protection of heavy batteries. The conference also presented studies on fatigue properties in hot-formed and press-hardened steels that will be very useful in future applications, says Mats Oldenburg.

The next CHS2 conference will take place in Barcelona in the beginning of June 2021.