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HOTGAS - Hot metal gas forming and hardening

Published: 22 April 2006

Hot metal gas forming (formblowing) and hardening makes it possible to manufacture components with complex geometry and ultra high strength properties.


The process include heating of a rollformed tube in boron steel to 920 degC and subsequently blow and harden the tube into a structural component with yield strength of about 1100 MPa.  The aim of the project is to develop the Hot gas forming and hardening technique into a implementation ready process. The Hot gas forming and hardening technique make it possible to cost effective produce structural steel components with comparable weight/performance as hydro formed aluminum components.   In the project, Accra Teknik AB, AP&T and Svensk Verktygsteknik develop knowledge about production technology and tooling design, which is of great importance for the future growth of the companies. The Division of Solid Mechanics, Luleå University of Technology, develops knowledge about simulations of thermo-mechanical processes, fracture criteria in hot material, tool wear etc.

Research student: Göran Lindkvist
Supervisor: Hans-Åke Häggblad
Assistant supervisor: Mats Oldenburg