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Evidence of the impacts of metal mining and the effectiveness of mining mitigation measures on social-ecological systems in Arctic and boreal regions (2022)

a systematic map
Haddaway. N, Smith. A, Taylor. J, Andrews. C, Cooke. S, Nilsson. A, et al.
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Flexible and Resource-Recovery Sanitation Solutions: What Hindered Their Implementation? A 40-Year Swedish Perspective (2022)

Söderholm. K, Vidal. B, Hedström. A, Herrmann. I
The Journal of urban technology
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Kampen för och motståndet till kvinnor i svensk politik. Då, nu och kanske sedan. (2022)

Rönnbäck. J
Part of: Demokratin och delaktigheten
Chapter in book

Subttsasa Biehtsevuomátjistema (2022)

Recalling the memories and stories from our little pine forest
Öhman. M
Part of: The Routledge Companion to Global Indigenous History
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The political economy of industrial pollution control (2022)

environmental regulation in Swedish industry for five decades
Söderholm. P, Bergquist. A, Pettersson. M, Söderholm. K
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 65, nr. 6, s. 1056-1087
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Towards a Broader Understanding of the Emergence of Iron Technology in Prehistoric Arctic Fennoscandia (2022)

Bennerhag. C, Hagström Yamamoto. S, Söderholm. K
Cambridge Archaeological Journal
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1921 – viktigt år för ökad jämlikhet (2021)

Rönnbäck. J
Borås Tidning
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Corporate paternalism on the rocks: a historical analysis of power relations in a mining town (2021)

Sandström. J, Persson. C
Management & Organizational History, Vol. 16, nr. 3-4, s. 183-203
Article in journal

Hunter-gatherer metallurgy in the Early Iron Age of Northern Fennoscandia (2021)

Bennerhag. C, Grandin. L, Hjärtner-Holdar. E, Stilborg. O, Söderholm. K
Antiquity, Vol. 95, nr. 384, s. 1511-1526