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Photo: Curt Persson
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Sörlin Sverker (ed.). 2023. Resource extraction and Arctic communities: the new extractivist paradigm

Published: 5 January 2006

In a new book on the theme of resource extraction and Arctic communities, with Sverker Sörlin as editor, LTU employees Dag Avango, Judit Malmgren and Curt Persson contribute three chapters. The book's authors comprise a global, interdisciplinary team of researchers.

The chapter Mining Towns in Transition (Judit Malmgren, Dag Avango, Curt persson, Annika E. Nilson, Thierry Rodon) compares the mining towns of Kiruna in Sweden and Schefferville in Canada, and how these communities handled the economic crisis that hit the mining industry in the 1970s and 1980s .

The chapter Remediating Mining Landscapes (Anne-Cathrine Flyen, Dag Avango, Sandra Fischer, Camilla Winqvist) deals with societal challenges regarding the remediation of abandoned mines, with the mines Nautanen in Norrbotten, Sveagruva-Lunckefjell in Svalbard as cases.

The chapter Heritage for the Future: Narrating Abandoned Mining Sites (Dag Avango, Élise Lépy, Malin Brännström, Hannu I. Heikkinen, teresa Komu, Albina Pashkevic, Carl Österlin) deals with how different actors use heritage from past mining to legitimize/prevent new mining. This is investigated using the closed mining community Laver in Norrbotten, as well as Hannukainen in Finland as cases.

The book, which is open access, can be found in full here: Resource Extraction and Arctic Communities (