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Sjangeli copper Mine. Photo: Curt Persson 2017 View original picture , opens in new tab/window


History is a subject that describes, and mainly explains societal changes and events in the past. At the unit for history at Luleå University of Technology, a number of employees are engaged in research and teaching about history.

The history research at LTU is primarily focused on the modern period, mainly late modern times. Much of the research is in the field of history of science, technology, and environment. The focus is on research problems concerning technological and industrial change, particularly the extractive industries as well as changing attitudes and ways of interacting with the environment. Other key research problems concern migration and processes of change in education, science, and other types of knowledge production. An important profile area is indigenous history and the history of national minorities, especially Sami and Tornedalian.

The history unit also conducts education in history. Here the content is broad and extends from our earliest history to the present. The focus is on Sweden, but in a global context and with a perspective that allows us to illuminate the past in a way that illuminates the great variety of people and phenomena that have influenced the course of history. We offer courses within programs as well as independent courses, many of which are online courses.

Dag Avango
LTU researcher in the leadership of an Antarctic expedition

The remains of the first Swedish Antarctic expedition are threatened to be destroyed by the rapid climate change. Now Swedish and Argentine researchers will go there to document and try to preserve the remains before it is too late. Dag Avango, Professor of History at Luleå University of Technology, leads the Swedish research team during the CHAQ 2020 expedition.

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Dag Avango Professor and Head of Subject
Luleå University of Technology
Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
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