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Tanya Edman, Kristin Kammensjö and Johan Larsson students in Industrial Design Engineering at LTU.

Designs Norrbotten and creates profit

Published: 11 December 2012

Students at Luleå University of Technology have many opportunities to participate in fun and stimulating projects while studying. Tanya Edman, Kristin Kammensjö and Johan Larsson are among those who have taken the chance.

The all study Industrial Design Engineering and the mission this time was to develop products and services with a design focus. The objective: Increase the enterprises' competitiveness and profitability in Norrbotten.

During the project Tanya Edman, Kristin Kammensjö and Johan Larsson worked to increase sales in a shopping center, improve web applications for a taxi company and develop space adventure on earth.

– We met each of the clients to be able to define a mission statement, before we could work with the design methods that we learned during the education. A final concept was selected and visualized with the help of sketches and a 3D program, says Johan Larsson.

Develops entrepreneurship, creativity and social skills

The companies in Norrbotten welcomes student collaborations because they are helped to find solutions to both old and new problems. It is also a good opportunity for students to test their knowledge, gain new experiences and make contacts with companies.

– To sit in a group and throw out new ideas under time pressure develops the creative and innovative side of oneself. It is important that the project team works well together and that you can take on everyone's ideas – smart solutions can be born out of the most unexpected, says Tanya Edman.

A parallel track to the design assignment was the students' own business and to develop this in order to serve as design consultants in the future.

– I started a business that I can operate fully after graduation if I want to. Now I know what I need to be good at to complement the skills I already have. I think more about how I characterize myself as a designer, says Kristin Kammensjö.

Why would you recommend students to engage in projects while studying?

– It is incredibly instructive and fun. You get the opportunity to build your portfolio and network of contacts, says Johan Larsson.

– You get to practice your social skills while you develop in concept development and creative work, says Kristin Kammensjö.

– You learn a lot about yourself and others. An experience to take with you into the work life, says Tanya Edman.