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"The design language is universal"

Published: 22 November 2018

Students and teachers at the design programmes at Luleå University of Technology have had Tim Cox, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, USA, visiting for one week.

– It's my first trip to Sweden and it has been fantastic. I have had a very good week at Luleå University of Technology, everyone has been welcoming and open. It's also cool to see that design in principle is the same, regardless of whether you are in Sweden or the United States, says Tim Cox, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, USA, who continues:

– I have taught and helped students with, among other things, design of logos as well as their individual portfolios and projects. It has been very fun and during my 15 years as a teacher, it's the first time I teach at another university.

The next step in the exchange of teachers will be to work in joint projects where Swedish and American students as well as teachers can work together at a distance. Tim Cox believes it becomes fruitful for them to work with people from another culture and see how they can agree on common solutions. He also believes that the two universities have a lot to learn from each other in terms of design.

– Luleå University of Technology has a relatively new programme in graphic design, while the industrial design program is well established. On my university it is the opposite, we have an older program on graphic design and a relatively new program on industrial design. I would love to see our teachers and students on industrial design coming over to Luleå and see what is happening here.

The visit is part of the exchange of teachers that the Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences has with a number of universities in the United States and is coordinated by Roine Viklund, Senior Lecturer in History at Luleå University of Technology.