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Situerade synergier

Situated synergies for co-design of attractive living environments

Published: 10 March 2022

Minna Eronen, doctoral student in design, is interested in co-design of living environments. Especially, the dimensions and potential of the shared material and immaterial spaces where the various design professionals and the everyday people, the citizens can meet and create.

Although citizens involvement is an established concept, there is still a need for innovative and inclusive mindsets and methods to bridge the various gaps between the professionals and non-professional everyday people. These gaps are related for instance to fragmentation, the differing perspectives and knowledge backgrounds.

With the point of departure in the thought by the late urban activist Jane Jacobs who likened the creation of places with a dance act where the individual dancers and ensembles boost each other to perform holistic piece of art, this thesis applies theoretical perspectives related to human centered participatory place design, place innovation as well as everyday aesthetics combined with collaborative research methods.

The thesis aims to put forth insights about what enables constructive synergies between varying experiences and knowledges and how these potential synergies can be used in the design processes to co-create attractive living environments for various people to thrive in.


Minna Eronen, doctoral student in design