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Social innovation

Published: 11 December 2014

Luleå University of Technology manages a series of projects to develop knowledge about social innovation in collaboration between academia and society.

Model for visualizing values of social innovations

The project develops a model to verify and visualize the values ​​that social innovations create for people, organizations and society. The model is developed jointly by innovation researchers, innovation promoters and innovators. More info

Guide to Transformative innovation support

Project website

National Knowledge Platform

Luleå University of Technology establishes a regional node for social innovation, as part of a national knowledge platform with other universities around Sweden: Mötesplats Social Innovation, Malmö University, Stockholm University, Örebro University, Jönköping University and Umeå University.

Knowledge support to Vinnova projects

Luleå University of Technology contributes with knowledge support to projects financed by Vinnova's initiative on social innovation for combatting segregation. The support is based on previous research on social innovation, social entrepreneurship, design methodology, leadership in complex projects, etc. It is conducted in cooperation with Ideell Arena, Södertörn University, and others.

Mapping the European Social Fund

Luleå University of Technology conducts a survey of social innovation in projects funded by the European Social Fund. The survey includes an overview of previous research and an analysis of current and previous projects in Sweden. It is conducted as part of the Thematic Platform for Sustainable Working Life, managed by Forte and the Swedish ESF Council, to enhance the knowledge and conditions of the European Social Fund to operate.

Innovation in the nonprofit sector

Project website

Gender-driven social innovation

Project website

Social innovation in Norrbotten

Project website

Social innovation at a technological university

Project website

Social innovation in the Church of Sweden

Project website

Place innovation for attractive communities

Project website.


Malin Lindberg, Professor at the Division of Industrial Design, malin.lindberg(at)