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Social innovation in theory and practice

Published: 11 December 2014

Luleå University of Technology develops new knowledge and methods for social innovation, in collaboration between academia, industry and society.

National Knowledge Platform

Luleå University of Technology has established a regional node for social innovation, as part of the national knowledge platform Mötesplats Social Innovation. The platform is managed by Malmö University, Stockholm University, Örebro University, Jönköping University, Umeå University and Mötesplats Social Innovation.

Model for visualizing values of social innovations

The project develops a model to verify and visualize the values ​​that social innovations create for people, organizations and society. The model is developed jointly by innovation researchers, innovation promoters and innovators. More info

Guide to supporting social innovation

Transformative Innovation Support is a guide for innovation promoters to support the realization of social innovations. It was developed in collaboration between academia, business and society in a VINNOVA-funded project. More info.

Knowledge support to social innovation projects

Luleå University of Technology provides scientific support to projects financed by Vinnova's program for social innovations that combat segregation in housing, education and working life. The support is based on previous studies of social innovation, social entrepreneurship, project management, design, etc. It is conducted in cooperation with Ideell Arena, Södertörn University, and others.

Mapping the European Social Fund

Luleå University of Technology conducts a survey of social innovation in projects funded by the European Social Fund. The survey includes an overview of previous research and an analysis of current and previous projects in Sweden. It is conducted as part of the Thematic Platform for Sustainable Working Life, managed by Forte and the Swedish ESF Council, to enhance the knowledge and conditions of the European Social Fund to operate.

Innovative inclusion in civil society working life

This research project aims to increase knowledge about the civil society's efforts to promote an inclusive working life through social innovations. This includes innovative methods and establishments that create job opportunities and improve the working conditions for under-represented and disadvantaged groups. More info

Gender-equal social innovation

The project studies methods for gender-equal social innovation. This includes innovative ways of working for increased gender awareness and gender equality in organizations and society. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, Winnet Sweden, Magma Nord and Leia Företagshotell, with funding from VINNOVA. More info

Social innovation in Northern Sweden

The project identifies and analyzes practical examples of social innovation in Norrbotten, developed by civil society organizations, industrial companies or public authorities. The innovations include new goods, services methods, etc. that have been developed in a socially inclusive way and that aspire social change for sustainable development in northern Sweden. More info

Social innovation at a technological university

The project explores how a technological university can develop knowledge and innovations that contribute to an inclusive and sustainable society. A selection of practical examples from the university's various institutions is identified and described, from the perspective of researchers, students and innovation promoters. More info 

Social innovation in the Church of Sweden

The project identifies and analyzes practical examples of social innovations in the parishes, dioceses and church offices of The Church of Sweden. It is carried out in collaboration with the Church and VINNOVA. More info 

Place innovation for attractive communities

In the projects "Place Innovative City Centers" and "Place Innovation in Swedish Lapland", knowledge is developed regarding innovative renewal of city centers, municipalities, tourist destinations and other places. The projects are funded by The R&D Fund of the Swedish Tourism and Hospitality Industry (BFUF), The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council, and Sparbanken Nord. More info 


Malin Lindberg, Professor at Luleå University of Technology