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10:00 10 Nov
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Nordcode 2020

10 - 11 Nov. 2020, 10:00
Luleå, Luleå University of Technology
Free of charge
Published: 3 June 2020

Welcome to the 19th Nordcode seminar at Luleå University of Technology – the northernmost Nordcode seminar yet!

The term design thinking has gained wide attention over the past decades in a growing range of contexts, often beyond the traditional preoccupations of designers. The main idea is that designerly ways of knowing and doing are of value to others than designers, whether that is businesses trying to innovate or societies aiming to be transformative. Furthermore, for the design discipline itself, design thinking has become a way to explain the design process, and to make the value of design understandable to others, in its diversity, complexity, inclusivity - and simplicity.

The 2020 Nordcode seminar invites contributions on design thinking; knowing, being, acting by reflecting on the idea of design thinking as a research approach, as a general theory of design and/or as a collaborative design practice. Within this theme, we invite contributions that explore not just expressions of a specific design thinking process, but as explorations that open to many different ways of emerging and revolving in design, in society and for different places, contexts, and needs. We live in increasingly transformative times, where we face new social, technological, political and economic challenges. At the same time, our needs are more global and pluralistic than ever, requiring innovation and well as resilience. Design of today engages all levels of society, from policy and systems, through citizen involvement to particular and inclusive user needs. What can design thinking contribute, and how may this be done? Please contribute to the dialogue!


Thanks all participants and contributors for a wonderful Nordcode seminar. We were delighted to have presentations from our two keynote speakers:
Yvonne Eriksson, Mälardalen University: Information Design and the use of Design Thinking
Maria Camacho, Swinburne University of Technology: From human-centred to humanistic design thinking

The context

Nordcode is a researcher network established in 2000. The network organizes seminars and meetings on design-related research, particularly concerning the communicative aspects of design. Nordcode seminars provide scholars, PhD and master students as well as practitioners with an informal and easy access platform to present both initial and completed research projects and to test creative ideas in an informal and supportive context. As of 2019, 18 annual seminars and various other events and activities have taken place since 2003, the topics covering a wide array of design and design-related fields. The seminar has been circulating in various cities and universities in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Typically, the events have been rather intimate, gathering 30-60 people, mainly from the Nordic countries but also beyond. The 19 th North Code seminar is the first to be organized by Luleå University of Technology, the northernmost technical university on the World. At LTU and the Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences, students have the opportunity to study industrial design, engineering and graphic design at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in an interdisciplinary environment closely connected to research in the field. We are excited to meet you in Luleå in November 2020!

Call for contributions

The purpose of Nordcode seminars is to encourage scholarly discussion on design and act as a platform to support the design research community by encouraging established and, in particular, emerging researchers in the field to present their ideas and studies for a friendly scholar and practitioner community. Scholars, graduate and doctoral students, practitioners and others from the fields of design studies, design history and culture, media, communication and branding studies, interaction design and related fields, are welcome to take part in the seminar with working papers. The papers may present finished research, work-in-progress or initial ideas, if we believe in the value of discussion and co-development of proposed ideas.

True to the open-minded nature of Nordcode, we do not have any strict questions to guide potential papers. Alongside with design research and design management topics, including the “traditional” Nordcode sphere of communicative design, the special focus of the seminar will be on design thinking. Papers may present theoretical or empirical research contributions, conceptual studies, work-in-progress reports, or initial ideas if we believe in the value of discussion and co-development of early proposals. Creative try-outs and brave openings are especially encouraged as well as more practically oriented case studies on aforementioned fields. Furthermore, we are looking for compelling stories that showcase what academics can learn from practitioners, and how we can extend the cross-disciplinary ethos of Nordcode to cover both academics and practitioners.

Extended abstract : We are inviting authors to submit extended abstracts with a length of up to 1000 words. Abstracts should include the name (s), affiliation and email of the author (s) and description of the intended working paper with background, approach and tentative results included.

Notification : The Nordcode reviewers will provide short feedback on submitted abstracts with comments and advice for alterations. If the abstract is accepted, the working paper will also be accepted, as long as the working paper is in line with the content of the abstract, properly completed and meets sufficient quality standards.

Working paper : Accepted abstracts will be invited to be submitted as working papers of up to 3000 words in length (references not included). We strongly recommend using the APA referencing style.

Submissions: Please send all submissions to 

Important dates

Deadline extended abstract: August 28, 2020

Notification of acceptance: September 11, 2020

Deadline working paper: October 23, 2020


Location: Luleå University of Technology , Luleå, Sweden

Cost: The seminar is free of charge



Organiser: Industrial Design at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Organising team:

Åsa Wikberg Nilsson, Luleå University of Technology

Johan Wallerström, Luleå University of Technology

Lars Eklöf, Luleå University of Technology

Anders Warell, Luleå University of Technology, Lund University & Nordcode

André Liem, Luleå University of Technology

Toni-Matti Karjalainen, Aalto University BIZ & Nordcode

Mads Nygaard Folkmann, University of Southern Denmark & Nordcode

Martina Keitsch, NTNU Trondheim & Nordcode

Monika Hestad, Brand Valley / Oslo School of Architecture and Design