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Orange owl gave dream job

Published: 15 May 2014

The student Joakim Borg developed a new modern safety device for the construction industry. For this he was rewarded not only with good marks but also his dream job.

- I was told yesterday that I am offered to undertake a project at the company where I did my thesis work. It's obviously extremely funny, in many ways, it is my dream job, says Joakim Borg who reads the fifth and final year of civil engineering technical design at the university. The product he developed as his thesis he calls Orange Owl and is a small round safety device with the simple aim to cordon off dangerous areas and thus prevent accidents.

Simple technique

- The technique is simple, all you need is a battery and bluetooth, then the product is placed on the site and connect to the restricted area. Would anyone then cross the border to the isolated compartment they are warned by using for example a bracelet or a phone that communicates with Orange Owl, says Joakim Borg.

Ahead of its time

So far, there has been no interest to put the safety innovation in production.

- Of course it would be enjoyable if it came out on the market but the construction sites is still rarely connected so the product can be a few years before its time.

Felt well prepared

Joakim spent the time working on Orange Owl  at a large telecommunications company where he now  will continue. He feels that the time at Luleå University has prepared him well for both the examination job and working life.

- It's a great education with teachers who know what they want and possesses great skills so I felt more than ready when the job was initiated. I also had great help from my tutor who provided me with advice and support throughout the process, says Joakim Borg.