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Bridging Participatory Policy Trends and Research Traditions through Social Innovation (2019)

Lindberg. M, Hallencreutz. D, Tengqvist. A
Technology Innovation Management Review, Vol. 9, nr. 4, s. 27-36
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Design teams (2019)

A participatory path to socially transformative innovation?
Lindberg. M, Johansson. M, Österlind. H
Forskning & Forandring, Vol. 2, nr. 1, s. 25-38
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Guidelines for a mobile tool to address human factors issues in aircraft maintenance (2019)

Normark. C, Tretten. P
International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics
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Inclusive funding for enhanced impact of social sciences and humanities (2019)

Lindberg. M, Gross. S, Rönn. M, Nordin. L, Sandred. J, Wärngård. L, et al.
fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation, nr. 48, s. 82-87
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Place Innovative Synergies for City Center Attractiveness (2019)

A Matter of Experiencing Retail and Retailing Experiences
Lindberg. M, Johansson. K, Karlberg. H, Balogh. J
Urban Planning, Vol. 04, nr. 01, s. 91-105
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På spaning efter platsinnovativa stadskärnor (2019)

Lindberg. M
Ingår i: Spaning om stadens utveckling

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Men, Nerds and Others (2018)

A study of competence and ideals in four ICT-research organizations
Sjögren. F
Ingår i: Neue Technologien und aktuelle feministische Theoriebildung
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Relating inclusiveness and innovativeness in inclusive innovation (2018)

Lindberg. M
International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development, Vol. 8, nr. 2, s. 103-119
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Boundary dimensions of social innovation (2017)

negotiating conflicts and compatibilities when developing a national agenda
Lindberg. M, Hylander. J
Innovation. The European Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 30, nr. 2, s. 168-181
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Gendered potentials and delimitations in the church of Sweden’s social innovation (2017)

Nahnfledt. C, Lindberg. M
Diaconia. Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice, Vol. 8, nr. 1, s. 3-22
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Gender-sensitive Business Counselling (2017)

Changing the Gendered Pattern and Understanding of Entrepreneurship
Lindberg. M, Johansson. A
Ingår i: Technology, Commercialization and Gender