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Competent, knowledgeable and proud: Learning as a brand promise in the hospitality industry

Published: 20 August 2021

Skills supply and skills development is a key issue for the hospitality industry. By offering a work environment where individuals are given the opportunity to learn new things, be creative and develop, good conditions are created to attract and retain employees. The project examines competence development and creativity from both a work science and branding perspective. It is ongoing 2021-2022 and is funded by the R&D Fund of the Swedish Tourism & Hospitality Industry (BFUF).


The overall purpose of the project is to generate new knowledge about conditions for learning, creativity and competence development in the tourism and hospitality industry, and what this means for employees, companies and the industry from a branding perspective. Thereby, insights can be gained about how the brand can be interpreted and communicated at all three levels to build identity and pride linked to working in the tourism and hospitality industry.


Data will be collected in several different ways. Interviews will be made with employees, former employees, employers and recruiters. In addition, observations will be conducted and surveys will be made with employees in the tourism and hospitality industry. A reference group with knowledge in the industry, learning and brands is linked to the project.

The results will be used to formulate recommendations on what employers can do to create good conditions for learning, creativity and skills development in their businesses. Organizations can also get an idea of how employees and others see the tourism and hospitality industry as an industry to work in, and how such an “industry brand” could be communicated.


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