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12:00 4 Nov
Maria Ek Styvén - installation

Attractive employers attract competent employees

4 Nov. 2020, 12:00 - 13:00
Luleå, Vetenskapens hus
Published: 23 October 2020

Finding, developing and maintaining the right skills is becoming increasingly important for companies. Maria Ek Styvén, new professor of industrial marketing, talks about her research in the subject of marketing and mainly employer branding with a focus on the trade and hospitality industry.

Competition for competence is increasing, and employer branding is about how companies should attract, recruit and retain the best employees. Companies want to be seen as attractive employers. In Maria Ek Styvén's research project, she, together with other researchers, has started from an employee perspective that deals with how current and potential employees view employers in the trade and hospitality industry, and also how they perceive the industry as an industry to work in.

Due to the pandemic, we let a maximum of 45 people into the hall. Stay home if you feel sick. Lunch and coffee are for sale.


Attractive employers attract competent employees – live streaming

For questions and information:

Maria Ek Styvén

Maria Ek Styvén, Professor and Head of Subject

Phone: +46 (0)920 491501
Organisation: Industrial Marketing, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts