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LTU students in Iran are examined

Published: 9 July 2012

Now have the first students of the Masters Programme in Tourism and Hospitality graduated.

LTU provides contract education in collaboration with partner universities in other countries. One of these contract educations is the Master's Program in Tourism & Hospitality Management at Instroct (Institute of Training, Research and Operational Consultancy for Tourism) in Tehran, Iran.

– Industrial marketing and e-commerce has been involved in the contract education since 1994, says Åsa Wallström, associate professor at LTU. Contract educations in areas such as marketing, electronic commerce and tourism started in Iran but has also been implemented in other parts of the Middle East and in Ghana. In the current situation have approximately 250 students a master's degree from our contract educations around the world. Some students who have graduated from these programs have also continued with PhD studies at LTU or other universities in the U.S. and England.