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Håkan Perzon

Triple win for student projects

Published: 6 November 2013

Motivated students, dedicated teachers and a resource for companies or municipalities. Courses Integration Project Business and Integration Projects Business Administration, Logistics & Quality have a ripple effect and success leads to new ventures.

The courses are given in programs for civil engineering and business and Economics at LTU and the idea of ​​integration is multiple. Among other things, the students both integrate old and new knowledge while being integrated into companies or municipalities. At the beginning Håkan Perzon explains that he got to spend time selling the idea of ​​a co-operation model between students and companies, but that nowadays is a bit of a self-playing piano where the songs constantly are renewed.

- Nowadays they call to us and want to co-operate, the word of the great benefits has spread. It's a win-win-win situation. The students are motivated and get business contacts for the future. The teachers are dedicated and businesses get a resource but also several ambassadors at the University, says Håkan Perzon

But it all really began even earlier, the fall of 2007 Håkan Perzon, Lecturer in Industrial Economics and Anders Wäppling, IDC (Industrial Development Centre) met to discuss how the students could be involved in the challenge that they faced in the formation of the  "Export Platform Norrbotten "(EPN).

- The students received a lecture on the past and present but we were very clear that EPN in no way got to formulate a specific mission for the students. It was, and is, up to the students to find out what the problem is and how to solve it. That approach we have even to this day, says Håkan Perzon.

Sorsele is next in line

After the first mission, more followed. The course is offered in semester five and six, that is just over halfway through the training, and the students have among other things been involved in the development of the Solander Science Park in Piteå, development of business cases for Boden Arena and Peab racetrack, business development in Pajala, in Kiruna and the development of Arvidsjaur. In the future, waits Sorsele municipality and a project which starts now in November 2013.

- We come to Sorsele with hundred students who have two hundred hours each on within the course. There is a tremendous resource for the municipality. Common to all our external contacts is that they end up with a proposal for change or improvement. But it is up to them to translate it into reality. Back we get motivated students and teachers, prepared to take further steps in their own development, says Håkan Perzon.