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Accommodation eWOM in the sharing economy (2021)

automated text comparisons from a large sample
Pitt. C, Plangger. K, Eriksson. T
Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, Vol. 30, nr. 2, s. 258-275
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Explaining the intention to use digital personal data stores (2021)

An empirical study
Mariani. M, Ek Styvén. M, Teulon. F
Technological forecasting & social change, Vol. 166
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Great wine from the great white north? Producer’s product positioning and marketing mix for Canadian icewine (2021)

Paschen. U, Kerruish. D, White. J
Journal of Wine Research, Vol. 32, nr. 1, s. 55-66
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Innovation Performance (2021)

The Effect Of Knowledge-Based Dynamic Capabilities In Cross-Country Innovation Ecosystems
Robertson. J, Caruana. A, Ferreira. C
International Business Review
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Reading Between the Lines (2021)

Understanding Customer Experience With Disruptive Technology Through Online Reviews
Robertson. J, Ferreira. C, Paschen. J
Australasian Marketing Journal
Article in journal

Social comparison orientation and frequency (2021)

A study on international travel bloggers
Mariani. M, Styvén. M, Nataraajan. R
Journal of Business Research, Vol. 123, s. 232-240
Article in journal

Who pays it forward the most? Examining organizational citizenship behavior in the workplace (2021)

Eriksson. T, Ferreira. C
Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and value co-creation in B2B sales (2020)

Activities, actors and resources
Paschen. J, Paschen. U, Pala. E, Kietzmann. J
Australasian Marketing Journal
Article in journal

Artificial intelligence (2020)

Building blocks and an innovation typology
Paschen. U, Pitt. C, Kietzmann. J
Business Horizons, Vol. 63, nr. 2, s. 147-155