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Great participation in March for Science

Published: 24 April 2017

On Saturday researchers and the public stood up for the importance of science and research-based knowledge. The global event March for Science drew over a hundred people to Gula paviljongen in the center of Luleå.

- As the news reporting and information sharing becomes more polarised, open data independent from political affiliation is required. Through openness and transparency, we can create conditions for objective examination, said Elisabeth Häggquist, PhD Student in Economics at Luleå University of Technology, and chair of the doctoral student section.

The initiative March for Science comes from the United States and is about countering fact resistance, alternative facts and false news. Science knows no borders and stands for diversity and openness, which was manifested in over 600 locations around the world on the 22th of April. Pär Weihed is professor of Ore Geology at Luleå University of Technology and talked about what happens when scientific laws are denied.

- Scientific progress has given us knowledge, but evolution is unfortunantely still questioned. It is a trend in wrong direction when fact resistance and alternative truths are easily sprend through social media, he said in his speech.

The manifestation was moderated by Jennie Hägg Wilhelmsson, from Career Center, and completed by Tim Foster, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Marketing at Luleå University of Technology. He talked about democracy and development.

- Some facts can evolve, change, alter over time – especially in the social sciences. So we must be willing to do so as well. The key is to be curious, remain open minded and stay respectful of another´s democratic right to voice their opinion, said Tim Foster.

Luleå was one of five locations in Sweden where March for Science was organised. The interest was high and over a hundred people braved the weather in April to listen to the scientists who gave their speeches at Gula Paviljongen in Luleå. 

- When I heard about March for Science, I thought that there is every reason to attend, as the situation is right now when the leader of one of the world's largest democracies questions facts, said Gun, one of the listeners in the audience.

In media

March for Science was included in most local news in Sweden, and all major media observed the manifestation.