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Two happy winners outside the City Hotel in Lulea, Jennifer Andersson and Rickard Jolsterå, LTU. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

The Bergforsk Awards 2013

Published: 28 May 2013

The Bergforsk Awards for best thesis, licentiate and doctoral thesis in 2013 was presented at the Stads Hotel in Luleå.

LTU´s headmaster John Sterte held in the Prize Ceremony.


Best Licentiate thesis: Yi Huang, Geotechnology, supervisor Sven Knutsson

Dusting is a major problem associated with mining activities and resources are added each year down to reduce dust problem. Damn No one creates discomfort for people near mining operations and it is essential for the mining industry that this problem can be handled better than we do today. Dust and dust distribution has been studied in urban areas, but there is generally smaller particles than those at issue in the mines. In the current licentiate thesis of Yi Huang, he has systematically examined how dust is generated, distributed and sediment. With the knowledge that Yi Huang presents in her thesis makes dusting problem effectively tackled where dust is generated. It leads to a more effective dust control today. He has also worked on mathematical models of dust scattering in different climatic situations. His work is valuable and of great value to further work on dust control methods. The work by Huang Yi sample of initiative and innovation and strengthen LTU's role as a party close to the mining industry.

Yi Huang is currently working in China, but he came to the awards ceremony in Lulea by the last minute.

Source: Bergforsk
Photo: Imega Television


Best Dissertation: Rickard Jolsterå, Chemistry of Interfaces, supervisor Lars Gunneriusson.

Nomination in PDF below. Richard works at Luleå University of Technology.



Source: Bergforsk
Photo: Imega Television


Best thesis: Jennifer Andersson, Mineral Processing, supervisor Bertil Palsson.

Jennifer Andersson in a meritorious way taken a process technical problem - uncontrollable foaming in the Cu-Mo separation. She has identified the analysis methods can be used to study the foaming. Then she performed statistically planned conditioning experiments in laboratory scale with the identified methods response variables. With the foundation in laboratory studies, she has since made finding test on site in Aitik and found evidence laboratorieförsökens validity and also found a way to further improve the proposed full-scale process.

Jennifer Andersson is now a process engineer at Boliden concentrator.

Source: Bergforsk
Photo: Imega Television

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