In the middle - Lindsay Ohlin, Chemical Technology. Photo: Per Pettersson

Lindsay Ohlin was awarded Nordea´s Travel Award2013

Published: 22 November 2013

Lindsay Ohlin, a doctoral student in Chemical Technology at the university, was one of three students awarded Nordea travel grant in 2013. The scholarship was awarded at the Academic Festival on November 9.

- I was incredibly happy when I found out I awarded the travel scholarship.

Lindsay works to study the adsorption properties of carbon dioxide, water and methane in order to improve the purification of biogas. So far she has been using a technique called ATR-FTIR but she would like to use other techniques to compare their results.

- When I was at a conference last summer, I was contacted by a professor from the United States. The idea is that I should use the traveling scholarship to go to America and visit his research group, and where using an alternative technique to study adsorption.