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Zeolite membranes for effective production of biofuels

Published: 16 February 2010

The main goal of this project is to develop inorganic membranes based on functional coatings for demanding chemical environments in the form of microporous zeolite coatings showing high permeance and selectivity and with sufficient thermal and chemical stability to allow integration of the membranes in processes for cost effective production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Such processes will open up for efficient small scale production of renewable fuels and chemicals at for instance all the pulp mills in Sweden.

ssf bild.jpg
Cross-sectional view of a thin zeolite FAU membrane prepared at LTU (left) and fracture surface of silicalite-1 monolith prepared at 1100 C at SU (right).

The project is comprised of the following subprojects:

I. Enhanced selectivity;

II. Zeolite supports;

III. Modelling.

The project is a collaboration between Luleå University of Technology and Stockholm University.

The project is sponsored by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.