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Denis Kleyko
Denis Kleyko, winner of Vattenfall's Price for best doctoral thesis. Photo: Linda Alfredsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Denis Kleyko got price for best doctoral thesis

Published: 9 November 2018

Denis Kleyko has been awarded Vattenfall's Price for best doctoral thesis 2018. The thesis is written on the subject of Dependable Communication and Computation Systems at the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering. – It feels good, I was really surprised, says Denis Kleyko.

Denis Kleyko's thesis Vector Symbolic Architectures and their applications: Computing with random vectors in a hyperdimensional space, is based on eight scientific articles, published in highly ranked journals and conferenses. In essence, the thesis is about computing with randomness: how to start with something meaningless and via simple manipulations make a meaningful system.

– Moreover, everything happens in high-dimensional space with several thousand dimensions. The research goal was two-fold. On one hand, to form better theoretical principles for understanding computing in high-dimensional spaces. On the other hand, I wanted to apply these computing principles to real-life problems.

If you were to give a piece of good advice to a new PhD student, what would that be?

A PhD is a very individual journey for everyone but despite this all of us are likely to experience several desperation moments on the way. There are many reasons for that and these are the hardest times. You have to be somewhat stubborn to get through it. 

For Vattenfall's motivation, see the Swedish version of this article.

Denis Kleyko was supervised by Evgeny Osipov, Professor of Dependable Communication and Computation Systems.


Denis Kleyko, Doktorand

Organisation: Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering