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Luleå University of Technology Photo: Andreas Harnemo
Lena Nyström, Lecturer in Education, and Håkan Jonsson, Senior Lecturer in Dependable Communication and Computation Systems, were awarded for their educational efforts. Photo: Andreas Harnemo View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Brilliant teaching efforts awarded

Published: 16 November 2015

Håkan Jonsson, Senior Lecturer, and Lena Nyström, Lecturer, were awarded for their educational efforts at the Academic ceremony. – I am very happy for the award! It feels nice and it is an honor to be recognized for my work on teaching, says Lena Nyström.

– It's great to get this award, it's epic! says Håkan Jonsson, Senior Lecturer in Dependable Communication and Computation Systems.

The two prize winners received the award for their prestigious efforts for the benefit of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Lena Nyström believes that her subject knowledge and great commitment forms the basis of her pedagogical achievements.

– My expectations of the students are high but I do not hesitate to support and mentor them when needed. Good quality in all aspects I can influence, but focusing on student learning, is very important for me. The students should always feel a clear connection between what we do in class, and the mission they are heading for, says Lena Nyström, Lecturer in Education.

Infectious enthusiasm

To Håkan Jonsson, the teacher's role is to put focus on the student's learning, to see the person behind the student and understand that they are all individuals.

– Of course fun it is fun to teach such that is close to my heart and I believe that my joy is contagious, enthuses and motivates, says Håkan Jonsson.

– I prepare meticulously both in terms of what I teach and how I teach it. I set high standards for the students, but equally high standards on myself. I try to improve all the time, and usually always ask myself what the ideal teacher would do in my situation.

Create meaningful lessons

The privilege to get to know and to follow the students in their development is, according to Lena Nyström and Håkan Jonsson, one of the most stimulating parts of working as a teacher at the university.

– The best part of teaching is the contact with the students and to monitor how they are progressing. A major thrust are those moments when students' suddenly learn. It's very special, says Håkan Jonsson.

Lena Nyström also points out the importance of student participation.

– A challenging part of the job is to teach so that students feel involved but also a concrete presence of their future profession in all aspects. By alternating perspectives of didactic application data, teaching comes alive for the students during our sessions, says Lena Nyström.

Håkan Jonsson, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
Håkan Jonsson, Senior Lecturer in Dependable Communication and Computation Systems. Photo: Linda Alfredsson

Håkan Jonsson tips for a good ...

... lecture

– The foundation is to prepare carefully. Consider the message, then the substance, but also the way the message is best conveyed. Be personal during the lecture. You give lectures for the students, not for someone else. If this is made right, a mutual respect arises. But, we should actually not lecture so much. Today there are so many better student-activating learning options.

... course development

Have the same scientific approach to teaching as to research. Take note of what modern research on teaching says and test yourself. A concrete advice is to look at teaching technique known as flipped classroom. To evaluate, adapt and improve your teaching methods, constantly striving for perfection, I believe is the key to creating good courses. And remember – it's never too late to get better!

Photo: Lars Andersson
Lena Nyström, Lecturer in Education. Photo: Lars Andersson

Lena Nyström tips for a good ...

... lecture

– Always use some form of interaction that creates activity among the audience. For example, create "hives" periodically to exchange ideas and let everyone be heard in small groups.

... course development

– Take advantage of the experience and views of the students through out the course and the course evaluation but also from the work team's joint course evaluation. Save experiences and ideas for the next time the course will be given.