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Mobile app for smarter tournaments

Published: 25 June 2018

A mobile app that facilitates administration at sports tournaments. This is what the students at the course in Mobile Applications was told to create. The winning app will now be used at the Gammelstads IF cup.

Summer in Sweden is synonymous with football tournaments, events that easily become a chaos of administration and paperwork. The question posed to the course in mobile application development was how the work could be organized in a mobile app – is it possible to do an app that manages everything from which game are played on which plan to team layouts and signed match results?

The students' results were presented during a pitch where representatives from Gammelstad IF participated. The participants in the winning team, Carl Lenngren, Fredrik Pettersson, Carl Borngrund and Johan Sjödin, are all students at the Master Programme in Computer Science and Engineering

How does it feel to have createdthe best app?

– Fun! It feels very good that the customer was satisfied with our work, says Carl Borngrund.

What were the biggest difficulties you encountered while working with the app?

– To not have direct communication with the customer. The customer has a vision of how they want the app to work and since there is no communication path with the customer, it can lead to misunderstandings and developing errors.

As a student, what is it like to work in a team like this?

– It's good because you can then develop a larger and better application. It's good to be able to discuss ideas in a group and it ultimately results in a better product, since everyone has different views on problems. One group member's weakness can be complemented by another's strength.

What has been most fun during the course?

– The best part of the course is that the product we developed may actually be used in reality. The most positive thing for us was to get acquainted with the process of developing for a customer. The process from specification to product is very different from how you usually work as a student.

Evgeny Osipov is a Professor of Dependable Communication and Computing and teaches at the course. He's convinced that the connection to reality has added value to the course.

– The students not only develop a toy app but must really consider the usability and robustness of their solutions, says Evgeny Osipov.


Evgeny Osipov

Evgeny Osipov, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491578
Organisation: Dependable Communication and Computation Systems, Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering