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A Hyperdimensional Computing Framework for Analysis of Cardiorespiratory Synchronization during Paced Deep Breathing (2019)

Kleyko. D, Osipov. E, Wiklund. U
IEEE Access, Vol. 7, s. 34403-34415
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A Survey of Static Formal Methods for Building Dependable Industrial Automation Systems (2019)

Sinha. R, Patil. S, Gomes. L, Vyatkin. V
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
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Adapting an agile manufacturing concept to the reference architecture model industry 4.0 (2019)

A survey and case study
Yli-Ojanperä. M, Sierla. S, Papakonstantinou. N, Vyatkin. V
Journal of Industrial Information Integration
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Applying graph matching techniques to enhance reuse of plant design information (2019)

Rantala. M, Niemistö. H, Karhela. T, Sierla. S, Vyatkin. V
Computers in industry (Print), Vol. 107, s. 81-98
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Concurrent Reactive Objects in Rust Secure by Construction (2019)

Lindner. M, Aparicio. J, Lindgren. P
Ada User Journal, Vol. 40, nr. 1
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Parameter Estimation for the Resulting Logical Channel Formed by Minimizing Channel Switching (2019)

Krasheninnikov. P, Melent’ev. O, Kleyko. D, Shapin. A
Automation and remote control, Vol. 80, nr. 2, s. 278-285
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Real-time jamming DoS detection in safety-critical V2V C-ITS using data mining (2019)

Lyamin. N, Kleyko. D, Quentin. D, Vinel. A
IEEE Communications Letters, Vol. 23, nr. 3, s. 442-445
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Task Allocation Algorithm for Energy Resources Providing Frequency Containment Reserves (2019)

Giovanelli. C, Kikki. O, Sierla. S, Seilonen. I, Vyatkin. V
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 15, nr. 2, s. 677-688
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TORUS (2019)

Scalable Requirements Traceability for Large-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems
Sinha. R, Dowdeswell. B, Zhabelova. G, Vyatkin. V
ACM transactions on cyber-physicals systems, Vol. 3, nr. 2
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A Cloud-Based Decision Support System for Self-Healing in Distributed Automation Systems Using Fault Tree Analysis (2018)

Dai. W, Riliskis. L, Wang. P, Vyatkin. V, Guan. X
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 14, nr. 3, s. 989-1000
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A Comprehensive Model of Data Center (2018)

from CPU to Cooling Tower
Zhabelova. G, Vesterlund. M, Eschmann. S, Berezovskaya. Y, Vyatkin. V, Flieller. D
IEEE Access, Vol. 6, s. 2169-3536
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A Theory of Sequence Indexing and Working Memory in Recurrent Neural Networks (2018)

Frady. E, Kleyko. D, Sommer. F
Neural Computation, Vol. 30, nr. 6, s. 1449-1513