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Publications Quality Technology and Logistics

Article in journal

On Monitoring Industrial Processes under Feedback Control (2020)

Capaci. F, Vanhatalo. E, Palazoglu. A, Bergquist. B, Kulahci. M
Quality and Reliability Engineering International, s. 1-18
Manuscript (preprint)

Order quantities in a production line (2020)

influences on production output and lead-time
Segerstedt. A, Pettersen. J, Holmbom. M, Lu. W, Zhang. Q
Conference paper

A Hybrid Firefly - VNS Algorithm for the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem (2019)

Taxidou. A, Karafyllidis. I, Marinaki. M, Migdalas. A
Part of: Variable Neighborhood Search, 6th International Conference, ICVNS 2018, Sithonia, Greece, October 4–7, 2018, Revised Selected Papers, s. 274-286, Springer, 2019
Article in journal

A min–max solution to optimise planned lead time in a remanufacturing system (2019)

Liu. B, Chen. W, Segerstedt. A, Yang. H, Zhang. Q
International Transactions in Operational Research, Vol. 26, nr. 2, s. 485-506
Article in journal

A Multi-Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (2019)

Marinakis. Y, Marinaki. M, Migdalas. A
Information Sciences, Vol. 481, s. 311-329
Article in journal

Creating a sense of urgency for sustainable development (2019)

Testing two system models
Isaksson. R
Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 227, s. 1173-1184
Article in journal

Discussion on "Søren Bisgaard's contributions to Quality Engineering: Design of experiments" (2019)

Kulahci. M
Quality Engineering, Vol. 31, nr. 1, s. 149-153
Article in journal

Occupational accidents in Swedish construction trades (2019)

Berglund. L, Johansson. M, Nygren. M, Samuelson. B, Stenberg. M, Johansson. J
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
Conference paper

Public Procurement of Railway Infrastructure Maintenance (2019)

A Linear Regression Analysis
Aldenlov. J
Paper presented at : 26th EurOMA conference