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Jon Allan

Meet a student - Jon Allan

Published: 30 May 2012

With unpacked boxes and a still clean and tidy desk Jon Allan meets to talk PhD, curiosity and audio levels. He has a diverse musical background including 15 years of lessons in classical piano, creating sound installations in collaboration with artists and work on the OAL studio in Sollentuna, where he worked with  music recording and mastering, and supervised youth in sound engineering. But now focus lies on his own studies and research.

- It's all very fresh yet. I have all possible ideas - branches of a tree and now remains to saw off branches until there is one left, although it will still have many twigs, says Jon Allan, smiling.

Jon is now part of a larger EU-funded project, MEDIA - Interreg 4A North, which makes research and development efforts in the Media field. The overall objective of the project is to work together across Nordic borders (northern Sweden and Finland) with training and research to help media companies with the transition to the use of new media. As a first step in Jon's research project has an initial contact has been made by SVT to discuss issues relating to noise levels and the new recommendations made. This will potentially lead to greater cooperation in the form of a study.

- It's very common that consumers complain about the audio levels. It is too strong or weak, and transitions between different parts of a program is too strong. Relatively recently, there has emerged measurement of audio levels to better match people's experience than the methods that are standard today, says Jon

PhD studies contains, besides their own research also studies and teaching in the main subject and this is something that Jon very much look forward to.

- I think it will be rewarding to have the opportunity to talk about my research. I think that one's own thoughts become clearer when trying to explain, says Jon Allan