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Conference paper

Affordances of Musical Sound (2020)

Listening to the Spotify Streaming Service
Leijonhufvud. S, Allan. J
Paper presented at : 25th conference of Nordic Network for Research in Music Education (NNMPF 2020), Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2-3, 2020
Artistic output

Beethoven's Great Fugue (2020)

K-G Johansson guitar
Weissglas. E, Johannesson. T
Conference paper

Comparison of standard software predictions of the sound insulation in CLT and concrete buildings with field measurements (2020)

Simmons. C
Part of: InterNoise20, Seoul, Korea, pages 990-1987, s. 1469-1475, Institute of Noise Control Engineering, 2020
Article in journal

Evaluation of the Momentary Time Scale for Live Loudness Metering (2020)

Allan. J, Berg. J
Journal of The Audio Engineering Society, Vol. 68, nr. 3, s. 193-222
Chapter in book

Information, (Inter)action and Collaboration in Record Production Environments (2020)

Lefford. M
Part of: The Bloomsbury Handbook of Music Production