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Audio Technology

Audio Technology has both technical and artistic approaches and addressing the various elements of audio production for various media including live context, and how the audible result is affected.

Audio Technology has evolved from traditional academic disciplines and artistic needs related to the recording, processing and reproduction of sound. Audio Technology designed to make technology and content to interact within the sound field to allow for different listening experiences. It is an important part of sound engineering methods for evaluating sound quality. Over the years, a development occurred from measurements of physical properties to include the listener's assessment of perceived quality characteristics. In addition, the relationship between physical properties, sound technical methods and perceived sound quality an important part.

The research focuses on assessing quality audio and sound recording technology. This includes development of evaluation methods and the utilization of the results of these evaluations. In addition to recording techniques and artistic övverväganden occurring elements such as music, acoustics, electronics and psychology. In research, this is visible through an assessment of the perceived performance of eg microphone configurations and algorithms for audio processing / encoding.

Research is conducted in cooperation with several universities and commercial companies. Business-related research concerns such as quality testing of applications, or intended to be commercially available, and the previous examples include mp3PRO and MPEG-4 aacPlus.

Research The profile also includes evaluation of other properties of sound - such as developing methods for evaluating the perceived characteristics of music and changes in musical parameters that may be useful in applications where music is an important part, eg in computer games.