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Current Opportunities

Published: 29 April 2015

Ore Geology

Student job: Zircon extraction and characterization for SIMS U-Pb dating

The Ore Geology research group is looking for a student assistant to conduct preparational work for SIMS U-Pb (zircon) dating of a volcanic rock associated with an important ore deposit in Bergslagen, Sweden.

The work will consist of:

- Sample preparation for thin section, lithogeochemistry and zircon extraction

- Zircon extraction (mineral separation in the lab, followed by hand-picking of sub-mm sized zircon grains)

- Mounting of zircons on epoxy and polishing

- Characterization of zircons using optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

The work will be paid according to Standard LTU agreement. We believe this to be an excellent opportunity to learn hands-on laboratory skills and analytical techniques such as SEM.

We are looking for a highly skilled, reliable and motivated student who will have sufficient time (1-2 days per week) in order to finalize this work before the summer holidays (end of June) 2019. Since this project is directly related to course content in Isotope Geochemistry (L7020K), good merits and grades in this course are beneficial. Supervisors for this work will be Dr. Tobias Kampmann and Leslie Logan.

In case of interest and/or questions, please contact Tobias Kampmann (; +46 49 2891).


Waste Science and Technology

LTU operates in cooperation with a company a project where we develop new methods of dealing with waste carbon disadvantageous for both landfill and incineration. Today, these types of waste incineration are handled either with the support of fuel (which is very expensive), or deposited on the exemption.

In order to develop new methods waste must first be characterized. It involves making a number of different analyzes to "get to know" the waste, which means a lot of work in the lab.

We are therefore now searching for dedicated and motivated students who want to help with the lab work, in close collaboration with researchers and graduate students, where you get:

  • Lab experience in a real project

  • Contacts in academia and in the associated company RGS90

  • A reference to put on your resume

Amount of work is estimated at an average of a few hours per week (not required). The available opportunities are emailed out for each occasion and can be adjusted slightly to fit lectures etc.

Does it sound interesting? Please contact:

Erik Marklund

PhD student Waste Science and Technology
Mobile: 0730 880615