Rockliden VMS

Publicerad: 20 januari 2014

The Rockliden ore characterisation project is part of the work package 1 (Geometallurgy and 4D geological modelling) of the Centre of advanced mining and metallurgy ( The aim of the Rockliden project is to find rock- and ore-intrinsic parameters that influence the distribution of trace elements such as Antimony (Sb) during physical processing of the ore, i.e. comminution and flotation.

The character of the Rockliden volcanic-hosted massive sulphide ore is going to be documented in terms of metal content and mineralogical metal distribution, quantitative mineralogy, mineral association etc, using optical microscope and microanalytical equipment (e.g. SEM-EDS & EPMA-WDS, Laser Ablation ICPMS). By determining process-relevant rock- and ore-intrinsic parameter, it is hoped to forecast the Sb content Cu-Pb concentrate. This in turn would be an assisting tool in making decision when to use alternative hydrometallurgical process solution such as alkaline sodium leaching to treat the flotation product. The results will be used within the larger framework of geometallurgical modelling to provide a base for predicting mineral process performance and mine planning considering the geological and mineralogical variability of the ore.


Fig. 1. Tracing of Sb-bearing minerals from the ore to the flotation products. Apy – arsenopyrite, Amp – amphibole, Ccp – chalcopyrite, Gn – galena, Gd – gudmundite, Mene – meneghinite, Mgt – magnetite, Plg – plagioclase, Po –pyrrhotite, Sp –sphalerite, Ttr – tetrahedrite.