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Research in Ore Geology

The research in ore geology is primarily conducted in order to understand ore forming processes and to better understand where and how ores occur in the Swedish bedrock.

Sweden has a long tradition of mining of various metals. Today, Sweden is one of Europe’s top metal producers with production of for instance iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), lead (Pb), gold (Au) and silver (Ag). The mining and exploration industry is a significant primary industry in Sweden and this has an obvious impact on infrastructural development in primarily northern Sweden.

We work with orogenic gold, volcanic massive sulphides, iron-oxide copper-gold, apatite-iron ores and porphyry copper-gold ores, which are all ore types present in Sweden. The research is done in close cooperation with mining and exploration companies and deals with geochemical, textural, isotopic, structural and stratigraphic aspects of how and where the ores occur.

In several projects we collaborate with researchers from around the world. International cooperation is important both to illuminate different aspects of ore formation with researchers who have different experiences, for comparative studies, and also to coordinate the analytical resources required in modern ore geological research. An important part of our research is the study of ore deposits in other parts of the world by participating in international field trips.

If you have any questions regarding ore geological research feel free to contact any of the staff members