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Published: 28 October 2014

The Laser-ablation ICP-MS labortory at LTU has a iCAP™ Qc ICP-MS. This product was chosen because it delivers high quality elemental analysis, with exceptional reliability and incredible flexibility.

See below for the equipment specifications.

Manufacturer's web page

Sensitivity: Standard Mode 
 7Lib 50 
59Cob 100 
115Inb 220 
238Ub 300 
Sensitivity: He Cell Mode 
Cob 30 
Background Correction: Standard Cell Mode 
m/z 4.5b <1 
Background Correction: He Cell Mode 
m/z 4.5b <0.5 
Detection Limits 
9Be <0.5 
 115In <0.1 
 209Bi <0.1 
 (typical values dependent on cleanliness of chemicals)

Isotope Ratio Precision

07Ag/109Ag <0.1 

07Ag/109Ag <0.1 


Oxide and Doubly Charged Ions 

CeO/Ceb <2 
Ba++/Ba+b <3 
Short Termb <2 (10 min.) 
Long Term <3 (2 h) 

Short Termb <2 (10 min.) 
Long Term <3 (2 h)