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NWR193 Laser Ablation System

Published: 28 October 2014

The Laser-ablation ICP-MS labortory at LTU has chosen a NWR193 Laser Ablation System.

This is a 4th generation, high-performance, ArF excimer based laser ablation system from ESI’s New Wave Re-search Division. It uses a short pulse width 193nm excimer laser source to provid highest peak power for efficient ablation of all materials to produce small particles that can be efficiently transported and ionized by the ICP. This in turn leads to higher sensitivity, improved stability and less fractionation.

See below for the equipment specifications.

For more information see the manufacture web page at:

Performance Specification

Laser 193nm. <4ns pulse width
Repetition rate 1-300Hz
Fluence 12J/cm2 at the sample surface
Spot sizes 13 spots between 2μm and 150μm; 149 in IVA configuration

Ablation chamber High performance, 100mm x 100mm
Beam profile Flat-topped, externally homogenized
XY Stage 100mm x100mm travel, <1μm resolution
Mass flow controller Fully integrated and software controlled
ICP-MS Triggering Bi-directional for full automation
Primary viewing system True, high resolution digital camera with 15X to 60X (objective to camera mag.)
< 2 micron optical resolution
Secondary viewing system 25mm field of view navigational optics with touch screen technology
Lighting 3 high intensity, LED based and software controlled.
Polarizer Software controlled rotating cross-polarizer
Software Class leading ActiveView™ software