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NordMin 2013 - 2017

A Nordic Network of Expertise for a sustainable mining and mineral industry funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Confirmed by MR-NER Oct. 2012

NordMin is established to connect stakeholders of the Nordic mining and mineral sector such as: industry, research, government and regions. The network will develop and showcase an increasingly sustainable Nordic mining and mineral industry with an impact on green growth in the Nordic countries and Europe.

The network should work as a platform for existing and future Nordic cooperation in the field and is developed in dialogue with the actors. Research, Innovation and Education related to a sustainable Nordic mining and mineral industry will be emphasized as well as resource efficiency, reducing environmental impact and societal issues such as gender aspects, CSR and image of the sector.  

NordMin is funded from the Nordic Council of Ministers for three years (2013-2015) and will seek to involve it self in other national, nordic and EU initiatives related to mining and minerals industry. The goal is to maintain and increase the networked activities over time.

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Final report


NordMin final report

NordMin final report : “NordMin 2013–2017: A Nordic Network of Expertise for a Sustainable Mining and Mineral Industry Final Report” is published by the Nordic Council of Ministers in NordPub as a TemaNord publication and may be found at:

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