2. Purpose and goals of the Network

Publicerad: 27 februari 2013

a. Purpose
The purpose of the Network is:
To increase the Global competitiveness and sustainability of the mining and mineral industry in the Nordic region through cooperation within research, education and development.   

b. Goals

The network:

  • should develop a collaborative platform for the Nordic mining and minerals industry
  • could stimulate and facilitate cooperation between higher education institutions and the development of joint degrees /programmes, for instance through the development of a Nordic Mining School among interested institutions
  • should in dialogue with industry, national research and innovation financiers, regional authority and other stakeholders create a framework for voluntary Nordic cooperation in research, innovation and demonstration that can promote a sustainable mining and mineral industry.
  • should create a voluntary platform for benchmarking and exchange of experience on Nordic countries’ mineral strategies as well as on other policy areas that affect the mining and mineral industry. Examine the need for a platform for exchange of national authorities’  lessons learned of working with the extracting industry.
  • could attract external funding to a degree that makes it possible for the network to live beyond the three years of Nordic funding and work to attract further investment in the network through EU funds, national funds and private investors.
  • could address issues of mutual importance for the extractive industry and society for a sustainable mining and mineral industry in the Nordic region such as CSR, gender equality etc.
  • should increase the global visibility of the mining and mineral industry and of research activities within the mining and mineral area in the Nordic region
  • should invite to dialogue on the future challenges of the mining and mineral industry, for example prospecting, exploration and mining on the seabed