4. Organization of the network

Publicerad: 27 februari 2013

MR-SAM has taken the overall decision about the framework and budget as described in this document, and has given the responsibility of the initiative to the Council of Ministers of Industry.

The Council of Ministers of Industry (MR-NER) is invited to appoint a steering committee consisting of 6 persons representing the countries and Greenland. The members must have a certain knowledge of the mining and mineral industry and have responsibility for the national mineral policy or national programs supporting the mining and mineral industry. NMRS will be appointed with one observer. A specific Terms of Reference for the steering committee will be worked out by the NCMS in dialogue with the working group and approved by the Nordic Council of Ministers of Industry (MR-NER/EK-N).

The steering committee has the overall responsibility for: budget, the strategic development vis a vis future financing and future organizing, reporting to the NCM and communication. The steering committee constitutes itself and appoints a chairman.

The steering committee is also responsible for coordination and synergies in relation to national and EU initiatives (KIC, EIT, FP7, FP8, other relevant). The members of the steering committee must consult with relevant national actors for example from ministries of environment or education.

The steering committee is invited to set up an advisory board representing relevant industry and research institutes. The steering committee should decide on the setup and terms of reference of the board. The advisory board can provide a broad national anchoring of the activities.

The administration and daily work of the network is led by a full time director. The responsibility of the director is decided by the steering committee.

The Administration of the network is placed in Luleå University of Technology (LTU). The secretariat to the NCM must prepare the contract with LTU including clarification of the administrative framework, costs etc. of NordMin.

The steering committee must see to that the prioritized themes and instruments will be concretized in a proposal developed in dialogue with the advisory board. The proposal will be approved by the Council of ministers of Industry (EK-N).

Nordisk Innovation and NordForsk are Nordic institutions with relevant experience in Nordic cooperation on innovation and research. The steering committee and the director should investigate how this experience can be exploited in a fruitful way.