Call for Preparatory Project Proposals on Sustainable Raw Materials Sector OUTCOME

Published: 29 January 2015

Following NordMin call for preparatory project proposals on sustainable raw materials sector and the evaluation of submitted proposals by NordMin Steering Committee, the preparatory project (PP) “Spectroscopic quantification of critical minerals and applications for exploration and mining” has been granted 200.000 DKK in order to submit in April 2015, a project proposal application to H2020 call:

ENSURING THE SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY OF NON-ENERGY AND NON-AGRICULTURAL RAW MATERIALS: New solutions for sustainable production of raw materials. New sustainable exploration technologies and geomodels. The project addresses the production shortfall of critical metals and environmental challenges in the mining sector by the use of the novel combination of optical mineral characterization tools connected to the Science Based Calibration (SBC) method and will strengthen the collaboration of mineralogy in Nordic countries.

PP partners are Oulu University in Finland (PP coordinator), University of Copenhagen, University of Oslo, Swedish Museum of Natural History and Geological Survey of Finland.