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SUMMARY - NordMin Workshop

Publicerad: 8 april 2016

"Mineral waste - disposal or value creation? Need for research and innovation"

The 2016 Spring NordMin Workshop was held in the town of Mo i Rana, North Norway. The workshop was planned and executed as a combined event with the 2016 GeoNor conference. The workshop theme was: Mineral waste – disposal or value creation? Need for research and innovation.

App. 55 participants from all the Nordic countries participated in the workshop and gave valuable input to discuss the workshop theme. The workshop was introduced by 4 presentations from Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. From these four countries national and regional challenges were presented and discussed, to give some background for group discussions.

The participants were then organized in four groups giving their feedback in plenum. Many valuable and interesting thoughts were shared, and it is expected that several institutions will follow up the workshop outcome by developing project ideas and proposals. Among several good ideas from the groups the idea of a Nordic Information Plattform was presented, further more projects related to Sustainability in Mineral Production, the need of Social Dialogue and Environmental Guidelines. One group highlighted the importance of developing a Nordic database of mineral waste and another pointed out the need for a research center focused on sustainable mineral development in the Nordic countries.