Assessment of undiscovered mineral resources in the Nordic countries and Greenland

Published: 11 January 2016

Coordinator: Geological Survey of Finland


Geological Survey of Denmark

and Greenland

Geological Survey of Norway

Geological Survey of Sweden

Iceland Geosurvey



Information  on raw materials and their distribution is vital for the successful management and planning of land use, directs mineral exploration and is important for sustainable natural resources exploitation. However, no systematic quantitative  assessments exist concerning the amounts of possibly existing, yet undiscovered, mineral resources across all the Nordic countries including Greenland. GTK and GEUS have considerable experience in the assessment of undiscovered resources in various commodities concerning Finland and Greenland, only. The project using and exchanging this know-how, as well as further  develop the methods and applications, in future assessments and to fill the information gap by including all Nordic countries by assessing the undiscovered on-land mineral resources. The preparatory project´s  goal is to promote the planning of land use and natural resources management, to direct targeted mineral exploration according to the principles of sustainable development, to create conditions for the continuing development of the mineral sector by homogenising the data in the Nordic countries and attracting mineral exploration companies, and to strengthen and increase the know-how in the participating organisations concerning the assessment of undiscovered mineral resources.