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2D and 3D MT in the central Skellefte Ore District, northern Sweden (2019)

Juanatey. M, Hübert. J, Tryggvason. A, Juhlin. C, Pedersen. L, Bauer. T, et al.
Tectonophysics, Vol. 764, s. 124-138
Conference paper

An updated genetic model for metamorphosed and deformed, c. 1.89 Ga magnesian Zn-Pb-Ag skarn deposits, Sala area, Bergslagen, Sweden (2019)

Jansson. N, Allen. R, Skogsmo. G, Vorbrodt. N, Bäckström. M
Part of: Proceedings of the 15th SGA Biennial Meeting, 27-30 August 2019, Glasgow, Scotland, Life with Ore Deposits on Earth, s. 166-169, 2019
Conference paper

Analysis of data from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in a Virtual Reality environment (2019)

Bauer. T, Andersson. J, Kampmann. T
Part of: Proceedings of the Visual3D conference, s. 19-19, 2019
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Application of machine learning techniques in mineral phase segmentation for X-ray microcomputed tomography (µCT) data (2019)

Guntoro. P, Tiu. G, Ghorbani. Y, Lund. C, Rosenkranz. J
Minerals Engineering, Vol. 142
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Automated quantitative mineralogy optimized for simultaneous detection of (precious/critical) rare metals and base metals in a production-focused environment (2019)

Warlo. M, Wanhainen. C, Bark. G, Butcher. A, McElroy. I, Brising. D, et al.
Minerals, Vol. 9, nr. 7
Conference paper

Building 3D geomodels using XRF-XRT-generated drillcore data (2019)

The Lovisa-Håkansboda base metal- and Stråssa-Blanka iron deposits in Bergslagen, Sweden
Luth. S, Sahlström. F, Jansson. N, Jönberger. J, Sädbom. S, Landström. E, et al.
Part of: Life with Ore Deposits on Earth: Proceedings of the 15th SGA Biennial Meeting 2019, Glasgow, Scotland, 2019, Vol. 3, s. 1282-1485, 2019
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Character and tectonic setting of plutonic rocks in the Gällivare area, northern Norrbotten, Sweden (2019)

Sarlus. Z, Martinsson. O, Bauer. T, Wanhainen. C, Andersson. J, Nordin. R
GFF, Vol. 141, nr. 1, s. 1-20
Conference paper

Field augmented reality for mineral exploration and mining (2019)

An upscaling project
Kampmann. T, de la Varga. M
Part of: Proceedings of the Visual3D conference 2019, 1–2 October 2019, Uppsala, Sweden, Visualization of 3D/4D models in geosciences, exploration and mining, s. 52-52, Luleå University of Technology, 2019
Conference paper

Life cycle assessment of European copper mining (2019)

A case study from Sweden
Kampmann. T, Alvarenga. R, Sanjuan-Delmás. D, Lindblom. M
Part of: Proceedings of the 15th SGA Biennial Meeting, 27-30 August 2019, Glasgow, Scotland, Life with Ore Deposits on Earth, s. 1577-1580, Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, 2019
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Mineralogy and origin of the intrusion-related Liikavaara Cu-(W-Au) deposit, northern Sweden (2019)

Warlo. M, Wanhainen. C, Martinsson. O, Karlsson. P
Conference paper

MINERS – Ett nätverk för doktorander inom gruv- och prospekteringsrelaterad forskning i Sverige (2019)

Kampmann. T
Paper presented at : Bergforsk- och STRIMdagarna 2019, 15 – 16 maj 2019, Luleå.
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Ny mineralutställning på gång (2019)

Kampmann. T
Geologiskt Forum, Vol. 101, s. 9-9
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Petroleum as source and carrier of metals in epigenetic sediment-hosted mineralization (2019)

Saintilan. N, Spangenberg. J, Chiaradia. M, Chelle-Michou. C, Stephens. M, Fontboté. L
Scientific Reports, Vol. 9
Conference paper

Sensor fusion and correlation of X-ray tomography and XRF data for drill core analysis (2019)

Hansen. J, Voland-Salamon. V, Kampmann. T, Firsching. M, Samodviga. O, Ennen. A, et al.
Part of: International Symposium on Digital Industrial Radiology and Computed Tomography – DIR2019, 2019
Conference paper

Sulfide chemistry and trace element deportment at the metamorphosed Lappberget Zn-Pb-Ag-(Cu-Au) ore body, Sweden (2019)

Implications for Mineral Processing
Tiu. G, Jansson. N, Wanhainen. C, Ghorbani. Y
Part of: Life with Ore Deposits on Earth, Proceedings of the 15th SGA Biennial Meeting 2019, s. 1486-1489, 2019
Conference paper

Sustainability assessment: Data concerns of geoscientists (2019)

Kampmann. T
Paper presented at : EIT Raw Materials Summit 2019, Berlin, Germany