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TIMREX will create a Master’s Programme on Mineral Exploration, to create T-shaped professionals with the support of mentoring activities, structured mobility, innovative exploration technologies, and a strong field-based training!

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Built on existing strong minerals exploration MSc programmes, the project provides a joint education with add-on entrepreneurship skills. Based on a gap analysis, mineral resources exploration, focusing on field activities and sustainability performance does not exist in the portfolio of EIT-Labelled master programmes. The consortium led by and having RIS-universities will involve non-academic partners in program development and implementation.

These goals will be achieved by 3 main competence-development pillars of the project.

Pillar 1: campus-based MSc programmes with at least one-semester mobility windows or double degree schemes between the university partners. The cohort starting in September 2022 will go along the mobility window scheme for all universities. Double or joint degree schemes shall be established at UNIZG-RGNF, UM and WUST during 2022 and from September 2023, a hybrid mobility system, using double or joint degree schemes in different relations will apply. LTU will cooperate mostly on the mobility window basis. The T-shaped curriculum at each partner will include mineral explorationfocused core earth science disciplines. Innovation and entrepreneurship competences will follow a modular system, complementing the semester courses and partly given by intensive fieldwork modules of pillar 2.

Pillar 2: intensive fieldwork during the summer period between M1 and M2 academic years. This will be a specialty of the TIMREX programme and comprises a much more intensive joint education activity compared to other labelled programmes. 7-8 weeks of the summer period is scheduled as fieldwork for the students at exploration camps in Sweden and Hungary and as internship at companies.

Pillar 3: Entrepreneurship, innovative and socio-civic skills will be developed by the third pillar, intensively using the EFG’s mentoring programme and SME and RTO partners of the consortium.

Nils Jansson

Nils Jansson, Associate Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491487
Organisation: Ore Geology, Geosciences and Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering