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Five new reports on mining and sustainable development

Published: 12 December 2014

Luleå University of Technology and LKAB has initiated a new interdisciplinary pilot study which examines the relationship between mining and sustainable development. The work has now resulted in five new reports can be downloaded here.

–  The recent resurgence and now the cooling off in the mining industry has had a major impact, both on the communities in Northern Sweden and in other parts of the world. The development has brought the issue of how mining can be reconciled with economic, environmental and social sustainability, says Patrik Söderholm, Professor in Economics at Luleå Univesity of Technology.

In response to this, Luleå University of Technology and LKAB has initiated a feasibility study mapping the current state of knowledge. What do we know about the mines' impact on the environment? How many jobs creates a mining establishment? What do companies have already to improve their behavior, and how can the laws designed to protect both the environment and the competitiveness of enterprises? These are some of the questions that the authors have answered.

Here you can download the reports

Patrik Söderholm

Söderholm, Patrik - Professor

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