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The Bergforsk and STRIM days 2019

Published: 16 May 2019

This was the 15th edition of this mining conference that is arranged for academia, business, financiers and politicians. This year there was a great focus on sustainability and how the mining and metal industry will cope with that transition. The conference also offered panel discussions and awards ceremonies, as well as lectures on AI and block chains.

Jenny Greberg, new program director for SIP STRIM, the strategic innovation program for mining and metal extraction industry, presented together with Kent Tano, MinProc AB and Petra Åhl, Ducit Innovation AB, the new research and innovation agenda that will apply for the next 6 years.

"We are proud to present a new challenge-driven agenda today", Kent Tano said.

Pär Weihed, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology, presented the University's vision in 2030 and also the recently signed cooperation agreement with LKAB.

"We at Luleå University of Technology want to work locally, nationally and globally. We will see more similar and formalized agreements as the one we just signed with LKAB in the near future", said Pär Weihed.

Professor Lena Alakangas presented the research conducted within CAMM, Centre of Advanced Mining and Metallurgy, at Luleå University of Technology and emphasized the importance of being able to conduct basic research as well.

"We need to find more opportunities to obtain funding for basic research, today we only have the Swedish Research Council where we can apply for such funding. This would also benefit our more applied research", said Lena Alakangas.

Anais Brethes, who recently graduated in the subject of exploration geophysics at Luleå University of Technology, was one of the lucky winners to receive awards during the Bergforsk and STRIM days 2019.

"Great! I had a wonderful time in here in Luleå and it is great fun to come back and get such a nice award", said a happy Anais Brethes.

Erika Skogsjö, Svemin, showed this movie below in her talk about a roadmap for fossil free Competitiveness in the Swedish mining and minerals industry.

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