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Från till Botswanas diamantgruvor till Råneå älv
From to Botswana's diamond mines to Råneå River Photo: Richard Renberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

EXplORE Student testimony

Published: 3 June 2019

Mpho Ndebele is one of two MSc students at LTU who participated in a short course at TU Bergakademie Freiberg using a mobility grant from EXplORE.

The course "Zinc deposits" was organized with support from EIT RawMaterials and with lecturers from GFZ Potsdam, University of Naples, ICRAG, HZDF, KIT och TUBAF.

What did you gain from the short course you attended?

I gained better understanding of the different Zn deposits, with case studies from the worlds known occurrences. The short course emphasized on key aspects of exploration of these different deposits.The different lectures gave presentations on either the sulfide or non sulfide deposits and gave distinguishing features of the two. The most prominent difference are the geological settings and the mineralogical textures of the ore minerals and their related host rocks. Detailed studies on fluid inclusions was used in most case studies to decipher the source fluids and mineralization processes also taking into consideration the structural controls related to these deposits.

How important was the EXplORE program in making your trip possible?

The explore program made it possible by providing the financial aid for my transport and accommodation for the short course period (week).If it was not for the Explore program i would have not gotten that opportunity.

Would you recommend EXplORE to other MSc students?

I would confidently recommend more students to participate and take advantage of this program as it aims to improve students learning experience and engagement in geology and exploration. It is an amazing opportunity as it provides us students with a platform to interact with students from other Universities and industry professionals, which I believe is very vital for ones professional development and network creation.

$!userInfo.givenName Mpho Ndebele

Mpho Ndebele, - Masters Student Exploration Geology, Luleå University Of Technology

Organisation: Department of civil, environmental and natural resources engineering
Phone: Skype: mphondebele